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Benchmarking Experience

See the real-world possibilities of Truly Human Leadership.

Let’s be honest. There’s no way to experience the power of being Truly Human through a website, video or email. You need to talk to real people, face to face. To ask real questions. And see it for yourself. That’s why, as we start to look for ways to map your own journey forward, we invite you to see it in action.

Full disclosure: we’re not perfect. No organization is. But we can show you what our people-centric approach really means to a business, and how it becomes the real driver behind any Continuous Improvement effort.

The BW Leadership Institute Benchmarking Experience is a combination of tours, dialogues and hands-on learning experiences. It’s designed so you can return to your organizations with ideas you can implement on day one. It’s also an opportunity to get a benchmark for your own initiatives, so you can know where to start, and what your ultimate goal might look like.

The goal? To turn your questions and ideas about people, culture and improvement from theoretical into reality, so you can not only see potential, but make it happen.

Thinking about scheduling a Benchmarking Experience?

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Here's What to Expect

When you visit our location, we’ll:

  • Provide an extensive tour of our facility from sales to shipping, led by local team members
  • Build panel dialogues with local team members ready to answer questions customized to your journey
  • Provide a half-day of learning experiences that describe the thinking behind everything you see