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Professor Training
We believe those who “do” make the most authentic teachers. Our training model is to help your organization build the capacity for team members to teach team members. Becoming a Listen Like a Leader Professor for your organization is a commitment to introducing culture transformation to the organization and personal transformation to those in your span of care. This intense training helps Professorship candidates fuse their experiences as a leader with facilitation tools that bring about transformation in the classroom. Becoming a Professor of Listen Like a Leader is less about learning the content as it is learning how to inspire change in others. Taught over 5-days, Professor Training offers a rigorous deep-dive into the art and science of the facilitation process that brings ​Listen Like a Leader to life. Participants are taught how to create the experience, impart insight and inspire change in others.

Who Should Attend?
​Listen Like a Leader graduates who are compelled to share the experience with others, interested and in expanding their own facilitation skills, and are passionate about people-centric leadership.


  • Each Professor Training course is five week days, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; days 1, 2 and 4 also include evening events.
  • The experience includes both instruction as well as "teach-back" sessions where Professor Candidates are challenged to teach portions of the material and receive feedback.
  • Pre-work includes six conference calls with your classmates prior to the start of the training.
  • At the conclusion of Professor Training, all candidates are asked to complete a certification process which includes teaching a class with a master professor present.
  • Course is held in St. Louis, MO.

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