BW Leadership Institute

Cultural Visioning

Begin With Your Vision

Our Charge

We believe a vision is the most important step in cultural transformation. What does your organization stand for? How do you aspire to act together? What will drive you collectively toward a common goal? Leaders are called to be visionary, but creating your organization’s vision—that ideal future state toward which you strive daily-- calls for disciplined planning, thoughtful engagement and rigorous implementation. We can help you focus the time and energy required to get it right. From idea formulation, to document creation, to driving it deep into your culture so that all team members share in it, the process matters.

Areas of Focus:

  • Pre-Session Engagement
    • Consultation on application process
    • Consultation on pre-work and participant communication
    • Minimum of three planning meetings
      • Selection of participants
      • Pre-event conference call with session participants
      • Session planning and facilitation discussion
  • Custom Vision Session: Two facilitators will join the group for three days of intense introspection and conversation designed to bring forth organizational ideals and cultural goals. At the conclusion of the sessions, your team will have articulated your vision and be empowered to see it come to life.
  • Post-Session Engagement and Implementation: Consultation on roll-out and communication

Fee contingent upon size and scope of facilitation. Contact us for more information.