Ask the right questions to know the right answers.

Listening Sessions

A series of one-hour question-and-answer sessions for you and your employees.

In Truly Human Leadership, everyone deserves a voice. Because when people know their opinion matters, they’re happier, more engaged and more productive. That’s the idea behind our listening sessions.

We’ll set up a series of one-hour sessions for all of your associates who want to participate. This approach works best as you lead your entire company through the Discover Your Why process, and begin to communicate your renewed vision with leadership and employees.

Ready to listen?

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Here's What to Expect

Your company’s graduates of Listen Like a Leader, alongside facilitators from BW Leadership Institute, will guide groups through a series of questions, including:

  • When (specifically) has our company lived out our “Why”?
  • Where do you see the biggest gap between our new vision statement and actual practice?
  • What can we each do personally to bring this vision to life?
  • Based on our vision, what should we continue doing? Stop doing? Start doing?

Here are the questions we’ll help you answer:

Let’s talk.

What are the areas of strength within our culture?

You’ll get the real, honest truth – directly from your employees.

Where can we improve our culture?

Employees are often ready to share areas reality falls short of the vision.

How do we craft a plan to move forward?

With findings from Listening Sessions in hand, we’ll help you craft an actionable plan to leverage your strengths and make changes where you need to.

How can we make progress toward living our “Why” everyday?

The best ideas for progress often come from the most unexpected places.