Marsha Burns

Master Facilitator

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What’s your personal “why”?
My personal “why” is founded in my faith. My life is about supporting the growth and joy of each person in my care at work, at home and everywhere. My purpose is to use my gifts, my heart and my mind to promote a world of love, knowledge and care by intentionally contributing to the global human learning community.
What motivates you (in the context of work)?
I am strongly motivated by working to improve lives through learning and through growing the body of knowledge about how adults learn and grow at work. I love watching people learn and grow! I am also motivated by working with bright, committed and caring colleagues. I am blessed at OE with the opportunity to do both.
What makes Barry-Wehmiller a fulfilling place to work?
The distinct difference at Barry-Wehmiller is that every person challenges themselves every day to live the values we espouse and teach. Whether that is taking responsible freedom to do what is right for our work and our families or taking the time to recognize excellence and effort every day, leaders work to trust and empower each person. Inspiring others is a real responsibility for all of us. The result is I push myself further and work hard to do all I can to bring my best self every day. And I know my colleagues and leaders have my back, as I have theirs.
Which life milestones are you most proud of?
I am very proud of my education. I am the first in my family to attend college and “worked my way” through. I love learning and the Master’s degree was a huge accomplishment. I am very proud that many of my students when I taught at University of Missouri-St. Louis (many years ago) are still friends. I love that I was asked to write a chapter on building mentoring programs in the Architect’s Handbook of Practice 14th edition. I have great joy in having created a competency-based, online, global performance management system. I am most proud that all of my three sons are college grads and lifelong learners.
What's your biggest pet peeve?
Expectations set and not met. Broken promises.
What's your definitive road trip song?
"I Don't Know" by Jimmy Buffett
What is your #1 bucket list item?
Trip to Ireland with my husband, children and grandchildren. Burns is Irish and we have always wanted to explore our heritage, inside and outside pubs!