Ken Coppens

Master Facilitator

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Who inspires you and why?
Two people actually. My parents. They were both born and raised during the Great Depression and dealt with many hardships, as did most people in those days. My father served in the US Army during WWII and was severely wounded in “The Battle of the Bulge”, being told he may never walk again. Showing great courage and strength he beat the odds and continued his service by becoming a highly respected police officer, retiring as a Captain. My mother rose above her circumstances while demonstrating Grace and humility in the face of many challenges. When I think of someone who truly has a service mindset, I think of my parents.
What motivates you?
The opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. It is really a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment so being in an environment where that is encouraged and then seeing others achieve something they didn’t think was possible is a gift.
What do you think is “true” about leadership?
We are all leaders (by choice or by default) in some form or fashion and it is not a part time job! Leadership involves knowing who you are and what you stand for. Leadership understands the people they are leading, what is valued, demonstrates integrity, and listens and communicates with purpose.
Prior to working with the Leadership Institute, what positions have you held?
Are you ready??? Auto Mechanic, Auto Parts Specialist, Automotive Salesman, Machinist, Manufacturing Engineer, Senior NC Programmer, Product Pricing Specialist, Sales Coordinator, Associate Sales Engineer, Service, Pricing, and Administrative Manager, Sales Admin Team Leader, Continuous Improvement Team Member, Continuous Improvement Team Leader, Continuous Improvement Coach and Development Specialist
If you could be a roadie for one band, who would it be?
What's your #1 bucket list item?
Extended trip to the Holy Land
Which television character do you resonate with?
Chandler from Friends!