David VanderMolen

Master Facilitator

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What motivates you?
In the thrill of the moment, when I’m facilitating a core-concept in one of my classes and I get to see “the-lights-come-on” for a participant – I am never more alive! For me, I feel I am privileged to work in the realm of unleashing people’s potential and in those moments when I see that spark in someone’s eye or hear them speak about a shift that is occurring from within –my deepest motivations burn bright within me.
Who inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by people who serve selflessly –who see a need around them and seize the opportunity to serve. This inspires me because it’s not natural for me. It’s not the way I’m bent to behave, so when I see it happen around me I’m challenged to become a better version of me –one who serves others over self.
What makes Barry-Wehmiller a fulfilling place to work?
We define business success differently than most manufacturing companies. We link our success to how we treat and care for people. We make money building and selling packaging machines; but we see our mission to be way more than simply making machines and providing engineering services. We are leveraging a multinational business to make significant social impact in the lives of people and to change the way people lead around the world –that makes working at Barry-Wehmiller pretty rewarding!
Which life milestones are you most proud of?
The birth of Bridge and Hunter, my two extraordinary sons. Completing a century-bike ride in one day. Kayaking in 10’ swells off the coast of Lake Michigan. Creating a course that radically alters people’s live for good. Learning to live my life with an emphasis on “being” more than “doing.”
What's your definitive road trip song?
"Is There a Ghost" by Band of Horses
What's your #1 bucket list item?
Tour top to bottom the whole of New Zealand. I want to see, smell, touch and taste “middle-earth” before I leave this earth.
What three things do you like the most?
A smooth dark-roasted coffee with half and half and raw sugar. I like losing myself in a movie moment or a heartfelt musical riff. Chocolate anything, please!